Workplace Investigations

As most people are aware, many law enforcement police and firefighters are protected by a Peace Officers or Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights.

At Fleeman Investigations, we are familiar with the investigative process and the importance of a thorough and complete investigation. As your investigator, we will remain impartial regardless of who is paying for the service. This is not always true when outsourced, and we will stand behind our investigations to include testifying at hearings. At Fleeman Investigations, we have investigators that have worked in all areas of law enforcement. This includes homicide, narcotics, gangs, traffic, etc. and we guarantee that we will satisfactorily answer your questions while providing the best quality service.

Workplace Investigations

Using an outside independent investigator will benefit your agency in the following:

  • Removes accusations of unfair, impartial, and directed investigation
  • Saves the agency money eliminating full-time position for well-run organizations and allows you to assign and keep your staff in areas where they are truly needed
  • Your investigations will be done consistent with the best practices of fair, firm, consistent, and timely


Whatever situation you might find yourself in, never feel ashamed to bring it up to the professionals. We will keep your information safe, secure, and confidential.

We guarantee our confidentiality unless a court order requires the revelation of information.

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