Workers Comp Fraud

Surveillance is a critical part of insurance fraud investigations.

This information can be used to confirm or disprove testimony in civil litigation. Monitoring is also useful in many business investigations, including employee dishonesty and unfair competition. Let the experience of a seasoned private investigator figure out if your workers are taking advantage of your company.

Worker’s compensation fraud is the most significant controllable cost factor in work-force budgets today. Our investigator recognizes that worker’s compensation fraud is common, driving up costs, decreases productivity, and impacts organizational morale. The investigators at Insight Investigations Group will figure out who’s faking for benefits.
Workers Comp Fraud


Whatever situation you might find yourself in, never feel ashamed to bring it up to the professionals. We will keep your information safe, secure, and confidential.

We guarantee our confidentiality unless a court order requires the revelation of information.

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