Service FAQs

Q: Do you have any advice on how I can do my own investigative work? A: to We do not list or provide information regarding questions or tactics we use. Our investigative techniques are 100 percent legal and confidential.

Q: My situation is different from other types of cases, do you still think you can help me? A: Each case is individually unique, and we strive to provide you with world-class services. Once we meet, we will discuss your situation and potential methods we will use.

Q: What if someone involved in the investigation could get hurt? A: Remember, investigations are fluent and can be volatile, so safety concerns for all parties involved, and we will not compromise safety or investigative results. 



At Fleeman’s, we will work with you to identify issues, problems, and vulnerabilities that cause liabilities to your business, campus or agency.

This includes reviewing policies and procedures, enhancing internal investigations, and restoring accountability and integrity to your staff and the community you serve.


Whatever situation you might find yourself in, never feel ashamed to bring it up to the professionals. We will keep your information safe, secure, and confidential.

We guarantee our confidentiality unless a court order requires the revelation of information.

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