Saftey & Security

Safety & Security


Your situation is a bit unique. You don’t want to investigate other people, but you yourself feel as though you’re being investigated.

Although it might not be the easiest thing to solve, there are ways of figuring out whether you’re being followed or investigated. You know the saying, “if you want to find someone, you have to think like them.” Who better to look for an investigator than another investigator? Call or email us today today to figure out if or why you’re being investigated.

Safety & Security

Home Safety/Security

Did you know that a burglary happens once every 23 seconds?

Most burglaries also occur during the day rather than the common belief that they happen at night. Burglars know that you’re probably at work during the day and that your kids are most likely at school. Who’s going to watch your house for you while you’re gone? A private investigator. With Fleeman Investigation’s unique set of skills, we can ensure the safety of your household.

Safety & Security


Is your business being targeted due to a lack of law enforcement presence in the area?

Or are you worried that someone within your company might be stealing from you themselves? Whatever the case may be, Fleeman’s can assist you by setting up and surveilling your business to ensure theft and/or damage does not occur to your business. When it comes to employee-related thefts, you can rely on us to handle any case you may find your company dealing with. Employee theft investigations require skilled, experienced fraud investigators and cooperation from the company. At Fleeman’s, we have successfully solved numerous employee theft investigations. 

Service FAQs

Q: Do you have any advice on how I can do my own investigative work? A: to We do not list or provide information regarding questions or tactics we use. Our investigative techniques are 100 percent legal and confidential.

Q: My situation is different from other types of cases, do you still think you can help me? A: Each case is individually unique, and we strive to provide you with world-class services. Once we meet, we will discuss your situation and potential methods we will use.

Q: What if someone involved in the investigation could get hurt? A: Remember, investigations are fluent and can be volatile, so safety concerns for all parties involved, and we will not compromise safety or investigative results. 

Safety & Security

Weapons Training

Although Weapons might give you a sense of security and safety, without proper training

The decision to defend yourself, family and home with the implementation of a firearm is a major consideration with serious ramifications if you do not get accurate, qualified education about the best systems available. We can evaluate your needs to help you decide which weapon system best suits your needs as well as provide a plan of action if the time to defend yourself ever occurs.

Safety & Security

Daily Routine

Personal Safety is very important, especially when it means protecting those who are closest to you.

Safety education based on you and your family’s everyday life routine. This will help you to minimize your exposure wherever you find yourself, be it home, work or a shopping center. We will help you to raise tactical awareness, so you are less likely to unnecessarily put yourself or your family safety in jeopardy.


Whatever situation you might find yourself in, never feel ashamed to bring it up to the professionals. We will keep your information safe, secure, and confidential.

We guarantee our confidentiality unless a court order requires the revelation of information.

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